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A speckled fish in an aquarium with colorful decorations and gravel.

Our fish tank has undergone many different iterations as we continued to grow its size and the number/types of fish it holds. We have multiple species of fish in our tank including:

  • Red Tailed Shark: His name is Leroy!
  • Hypostomus Punctatus : His name is Hippo! He is a type of armored catfish who serves as the “cleaner” for our fresh water tank. You can see him in the picture to the left.
  • Pearl Gourami: These are the fish with the whiskers! This pair exists as a couple and are very mellow and attentive.
  • Neon Tetras: This group of friendly and colorful fish are fun to watch swim around the tank.
  • Blind Cave Tetras (Mexican Tetras): When these fascinating fish hatch, their eyes are fully formed, but over the course of their first few weeks of life they deteriorate and are then reabsorbed. In addition, they lack pigmentation in their scales!