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Louise Medved | September-December 2023 | Art Display 

A banner introduces a featured artist named LOUISE MEDVED with a photo of a person crouching outdoors.

This show is a collection of my watercolors and acrylics. I enjoy painting using both mediums because each one holds its own unique characteristics. With the watercolor I like to paint small spaces. It is meditative for me and I can become lost for hours in my work. Once watercolor is on the paper there is no changing it, I just have to accept that it is the way it should be. I have to let go and be open for possibilities. With acrylic I like to use the palette knife where I can cover large spaces and feel and watch the colors blend together. The more I mix the colors together the happier I am with the painting. I don't have to be real precise with shapes and lines I am just tree to experiment.

All of my work is from places I have been. I like to carry a sketchbook with me and make small drawings or l take a picture and use that as a reference. I love to travel where I can hike and explore. I believe this is also part of the process of painting for me. I need to walk paths, talk to people and experience the earth before I can truly paint it. The sketching gives me the time I need to look at my surroundings.

Sometimes we are in too much of a rush to get to places that we forget to stop and gaze and appreciate what surrounds us.

I love art because there are no mistakes. Sometimes I start out with a painting in mind and it ends up being something different then I had envisioned. My paintings are an extension of myself and each person has their own experience when seeing something beautiful. That is what makes art so special; it is unique just like the people and landscape that make up the earth.

I hope I can inspire others to create. It does not have to be something big and great, it could be small and intimate just as long as it is part of you.